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Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition should be empowering and inspiring, not the assumption of a ‘healthy diet’ being boring or bland meals with the belief of having to spend hours in the kitchen.  My passion lies in sharing my experience in how much ‘good’ food can make a difference to your life not only in how you look and feel physically but also emotionally. 

We are over-washed with information on which foods we should eat, only to read the latest article contradicting what we read the week before and this has left many of us feeling totally confused.

What is Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is not new, in essence it is based upon the principle that most disease occurs as a direct result of sub-optimum nutrition. 

It is not just about healthy eating as we combine holistic and scientific approaches that address a wide range of health concerns.  Naturopathic techniques, lifestyles changes, hydration evaluation and appropriate supplementation are all taken into the equation.  This approach does more than just alleviate symptoms – it can offer life changing health improvements.

More than ever, we believe in the true properties and potential value of food. What you eat can have a profound effect on how you feel. My aim is to improve your resistance to disease whilst promoting vitality and energy.

Is it for me ?

Nutritional therapy is available for everyone and we can all gain huge benefits by improving what we eat.  Only one in ten people achieve RDA (recommended daily amount) intakes of required nutrients yet the RDAs are based upon the misconception that these are the levels that our body necessarily needs. In fact, RDA’s are based on the requirements of a healthy person and do not take into account factors that raise these requirements such as alcohol consumption, smoking, pollution, genetic factors, pregnancy and so on.

The result of a sub-optimum intake of nutrients is a sub-optimum state of health. People today tend to regard their tiredness, irritability or even headaches as normal, putting it down to ‘genetics’ ‘old age’ or ‘I just have to live with it’, but this does not have to be the case. People are often surprised at the number of conditions that can be improved by nutrition.

The Consultation

All my consultations are based on a minimum of 3 appointments.  This is to allow the body to have an appropriate amount of time to make changes, rebalance and start to feel more vitality without the additional pressure of making the changes so intense that they become impossible for individuals to stick too.

Prior to the initial consultation you will be sent a Nutritional Programme Questionnaire which will need to be completely and returned prior to the appointment. The information will be analysed and following your consultation you will be given your own unique personalised ‘Optimum Eating & Supplementation’ plan.

Children & Nutrition

Many children are not eating the right sort of foods or getting enough hydration which, can lead to a multitude of health & emotional conditions within our young adults.

Having 3 young sons myself I am aware how difficult it can be to get children to eat or even attempt to try foods which are new or ‘green’.  Over the years with my children I have discovered tricks and great recipes to get children interested in food which I look forward to sharing with you.


Having completely overindulged in my 20s, and entered my early 30s with a stressful and demanding job, my body was far from happy… The direct result was excruciating gout attacks to my knees and ankles. 

After talking to 4 different doctors and getting nowhere, I looked into consulting a nutritionist in the Bristol/Bath area, and was recommended Lisa through a family friend.

Lisa put me on a strict 4 week diet and educated me with her knowledge of gout. The results were staggering. In addition to completely eradicating the gout (inflammation and nasty pains), I have dramatically lost weight, and feel my body is happier then ever.

All gout suffers, and all overweight young male professionals, would hugely benefit from Lisa’s knowledge and direct approach, I can’t recommend her enough.

Thanks again Lisa, you’ve changed my life!

Alexander, Bristol