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Food Intolerance Testing in Bath – Discover if the Food you are eating is making you ill | Living Better Health

There are many reasons why we start ‘reacting’ to certain foods or stimuli in the environment and the reasons behind this are still very unknown, but there are a lot of theories.

A weakened immune system can be a result of a digestive system that is under constant stress from foods we are intolerant to at that point in time. Food intolerances can manifest through over-consumption, as our bodies are designed to have a very varied diet, but we are creatures of habit and tend to eat too much of one thing and the body reaches its tolerance levels of that substance. They can also be the result of toxicity and overloaded elimination channels. When the culprit food is not properly digested by the body it enters the bloodstream where it is treated as an invader and is targeted by the IgG antibodies. Therefore, one theory with food intolerances is if you are constantly eating the same foods to which you have an intolerance you are constantly putting your immune system and digestive system under stress. Therefore intolerances often indicate the need to moderate one’s diet and detoxify. For most people with food intolerance, the process begins very subtly and gradually.

I work slightly differently with Food Intolerances because as well as the results of the test, I use patient health history and lifestyle to find the ’cause’ of the problem. Food can also become ‘reactive’ because our bodies have become too ‘acidic’ and the foods we are eating are just adding to the problem. It can be a little bit like if you have a cut on your finger and you get lemon juice on it; this is really going to hurt. The problem is not the lemon juice, the problem is the cut. If you heal the cut, the lemon juice no longer stings and no longer becomes a problem. This can be the same with foods. If you have inflammation within the gut, any acidic foods (which covers a lot of the Western diet) will ‘aggravate’ the intestine and cause you to suffer with symptoms that you see with conditions such as ‘IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s, Bloating and any sort or Cramping or Pain, if you heal the gut, the foods no longer become a problem to eat.

The state of the art technology that is used for the testing gives you current up-to-date information on the foods your body is currently ‘reacting’ too. This can be because you have too much of that substance in your system, it can be because you have inflammation within your digestive track which is being aggravated by the foods you are eating, or it can be because you have an Intolerance to the food. Once we have this information, you will follow an specific eating plan along with nutritional supplements for the next 2-6 weeks depending on your symptoms and condition.

Please be aware that type of Food Intolerance Testing is NOT a quick fix. It has probably taken many months, if not years for your current symptoms to show themselves and it can take a many months to rectify to body back to health. I work to get the body back to ultimate health, not just to palliate the symptoms.

Each program is written to fit in with the patient and their current life style. Adding a stressful eating regime into an already stressful life does not help or benefit anyone. Your lifestyle, job and current symptoms are all taken into consideration. Also, over the years I have found that too much information just overwhelms some people so I have created 3 different packages which can suit all.

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