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Dealing with Digestive Issues

With every and any digestive symptom now coming under the ‘IBS’ banner, patients can generally feel unheard and unsupported. This is mainly due to the fact that G.P’s have little medication to offer patients and little support.  Within my clinic this is one of the biggest areas I work with and I’m rarely unable to improve the symptoms on some level. 

We will look at many aspects of your lifestyle because food is not the only reason individuals suffer from IBS, how you eat, your hydration and stress level play an enormous part, sometimes more so in children. This packages look at all of these issues to find the cause of the problem so people can live symptom free.


I attended Lisa’s clinic following years of IBS problems that affected my everyday life. Within six weeks, my diet changed, my weight reduced (which was needed) and more importantly my IBS has vanished. I feel healthier and have significant more energy. During stressful times if my IBS comes back I know how to deal with it through diet immediately that enable my symptoms to be dealt with quickly. Thank you for everything Lisa, I would highly recommend her to anyone (especially men who are happy to stick it out).

James / Avon