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Treating Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are something close to my heart as because I became a practitioner due to my own path suffering with chronic eczema. After suffering for years with what felt like constantly going round in circles with the medical profession, out of desperation, I started to see a homeopath over 25 years ago. For me, the results came close to a miracle.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of cases of eczema and all other sorts of skin conditions such as acne,psoriasis, molluscum contagiosm, chicken pox, fungal infections, uritcaria, hives, ring worm and many more.

Most of my clients come to me in the same desperate state,having tried many over-the-counter prescriptions, with little or no effect. It can make you feel very; low and desperate.

I now find that working on many  different levels is the best and quickest way for healing to take place.


My daughter Blossom suffered with her skin , scabs and sores everywhere, that were itchy, so hence she would scratch and spread the infection. This went on for nearly 2 years. I paid for specialists who scratched their heads, I paid to see top consultants, who did the same and after 8 lots of oral antibiotics and about 100 tubes of steroid cream, I was losing the will to live. This was horrendous for Blossom too. She went to bed with eczema gloves only to wake up with blood all over her sheets! Enough was enough and someone suggested Lisa and it could be an allergy to food? Went to see Lisa, who in my books can walk on water!! She knows her stuff and was absolutely fantastic. She tested Blossom and it worked out she was allergic to all the things kids love – potatoes, fizzy drinks, sugar and the age old cow’s dairy. Lisa worked her magic and gave us some homeopathic stuff and guided me to a brilliant website for other stuff to help cleanse Blossom on the inside too.

4 weeks later, Blossom has no itching, all the scabs have gone and we are now working on her scars. I cannot tell you how amazing that is after the nightmare of the last 18 months.

I cannot sing Lisa’s praises enough, she is just superb and I just wish I’d found her earlier. She now has a more complicated case to work with – Me :0)

Joanna Livall (Convert) / 20/06/2013

After recurrent outbreaks of chronic urticaria I was at my wits end! The irritation all over my body from the unsightly ‘weals’ was unbearable and I had great difficulty sleeping. I went down the conventional route but had little benefit if any. With such lack of sleep and side effects from the medication prescribed, I found it hard to cope with my everyday life as a mum and my career. I was introduced to Lisa Barnes who immediately made me feel at ease, she was so easy to talk to, after suffering from a skin condition herself she seemed to understand what I was going through. I felt as though she really cared and wanted to help.

Lisa informed me that I would need a few sessions but she would definitely be able to help and she did! I was able to come off all prescribed mediation from my GP, sleeping became easier and life in general was so much easier to cope with. My skin is clear at the moment, but should I get another outbreak in the future I will certainly be knocking on Lisa’s door! THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA.

Tina / Bath