With over 20 years working within in the health industry, I strongly believe that our physical and emotional health is directly linked to what we eat and how we live our lives.

I have personally experienced, and seen first-hand, people’s demands on their time increase and the fuel that we put in our body decrease. Along with many conflicting reports, people’s awareness around food seems to be at an all-time confusing high.

My dream started in the need to supplement my own diet after having three children very close together while struggling with the time demands of being a working mum. My health, energy and time had reached an unprecedented low and I was desperate to find a way to change things when I started adding Superfoods into my diet.

Superfoods not only allowed me to prepare quick nutritious meals for myself and my family. My energy increased and my health repaired. They have continued to work wonders ever since.

Superfoods epitomise my core belief: that good health is accessible and affordable to everyone.

On my quest to share this information, my path crossed with an amazing local organic supplier enabling me to create a range of nutrient dense products that suit the concerns of our modern ever demanding busy lifestyles.

Our bodies absorb nutrients from the soil and the food we eat not from synthetic manufactured supplements. Our range contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also dietary fibre, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and even good bacteria.

We only partner with organically certified growers and manufacturers in producing our superfood powders & blends.