With over 20 years working within in the health industry, I strongly believe that our physical and emotional health is directly linked to what how we live our lives, the limiting story we tell ourselves & the fuel we put in our body”.

I would say that my story to transformation has been more like a journey.

As a young adult healthy living and eating was not really high on my list of priorities, quite the opposite, but after a traumatic event that took place my understanding of physical & mental health was never quite the same. 

Life and my health took another dramatic change when I had my children, trying to ‘walk the talk’ and continue at my normal pace of ‘high speed’ whilst bringing up 3 children who were only 16 months apart (the joy of twins second time round!) I discovered two things; firstly, I wasn’t ‘Superwoman’ and secondly, I was completely ‘Overwhelmed’.

Everything that I have learnt so far on my own personal & business journey is that we are on this planet for too short a time to settle for living a lesser life.  When I look back on my journey from low self-worth and an over-compensating state to becoming the (mostly) confident, mountain climbing, entrepreneur working progress I am now; I know I can’t be alone.

So, it has become my mission is to help anyone who feels ‘overwhelmed’ by their limitations, frustrations and stuckness, whether this is physically or emotionally.  With the desire you reach as many people as I could, I added Organic Superfood powders to our Natural Lifestyle brand allowed me with my quest of taking affordable good health to the main- stream market. Our Superfoods offer to boost a healthy eating regime, as our ethos is all about living life to the full, with a smile on your face, love in your heart, and a clear grounded mind set. 

Life and time is a precious commodity, so let’s enjoy the moment and help you on a journey to ‘Living Better Health’