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How to help with body image issues

I have been working with all types of poor body image for a long time now and what I see over and over again is how hard we are on ourselves. Where ever we are within our goal reach, it never seems quite good enough, wanting to loose just a few more pounds, or achieve a flatter stomach; thinking ‘I will be happy when I reach my goal’.

You only have to look at the latest diet trends, exercise programmes to realise that this topic is not an easy one and that we are all different and one programme does not work for the masses. But in my experience if you do not address the emotional issues behind why you eat it becomes very difficult to reach your goal weight and to maintain it.

This is why my programme involves a large portion of re-programming your thinking and relationship around food as well as teaching you how to eat smart, discovering tasty alternatives and have you actually looking forward to exercise.

One of the techniques I use with this weight loss course is EFT, please go to EFT for weight loss for further information on this amazing therapy.