How I test for Food Intolerances

The technology behind the testing represents the latest in 21st century health screening combined with acupuncture principles. The machine is called a BioMeridian Vantage, along with this equipment is the Epic Probe. This clinically tested* and computer controlled equipment provides state-of-the-art Bioelectrical Impendence Measurements (BIM).

The process involves pressing a small metal probe at a point on the finger. The computer receives signals from each of the different foods that are introduced and from your body’s response we can tell whether or not you have reaction to that substance. The patient will only feel the sensation of the probe touching the skin. It is non-invasive, safe and painless. The system can rapidly screen for hundreds of different substances and there are many different packages that I offer which include; Food Intolerance Testing Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency, Environmental & Animal Sensitivities, as well as a programme designed specifically for both adults and children. The software module effectively analyses, profiles and interprets impendance measurement data to present the patient profile in a simple, effect and easy to use format. Test results are colour-coded in an easy-to-understand take-home report containing your specific recommendations and monitoring can be tracked easily – visit to visit.

What is BioImpedance

BioImpedance is the technology that evolved from Doctor Reinhold Voll’s research into acupuncture points. The word bio-comes from Greek and means life, impedance means to obstruct the progress of something, so together the two refer to the electrical testing of the body’s energy fields and the detection of anything affecting them. Dr Voll was based in Germany and, from the 1950’s onwards, was determined to achieve scientific validation for the use of meridian lines in restoring health. The term ‘ meridian lines ‘ comes from acupuncture and refers to the routes of different energy fields in the human body. Each field relates to a specific organ, gland or other physiological aspect.

Voll achieved validation by utilizing a machine that sent an extremely low voltage circuit through the patient’s body and then taking measurement readings on acupuncture points with a probe. He found that each point had a standard measurement for all healthy people. Increases from this normal reading means there is an inflammation in the tissues associated with that point. Decreases from the normal reading indicate there is fatigue or degeneration in the tissues associated with that point. Since then various companies have continued to devise software and machines to refine and expand Voll’s brilliant discoveries. Today, BioImpedance screening principles can be applied to a whole range of medical procedures, including organ malfunction, bodymass analysis and inflammatory conditions. From Voll’s early beginnings BioImpedance is now moving the field of medicine into new areas of accuracy and detection.

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