Children & Homeopathy

It is completely safe to prescribe homeopathic remedies to both children & infants, in fact many pregnant women begin their journey with homeopathy at this stage.

The impact of a child’s daily sickness or disorder on a whole family can be enormous. If a sleepless child begins to sleep through the night, the parents can be better rested and better able to deal with the day’s problems. If an anxious child settles and becomes calm and enjoys their day at nursery or school, the whole learning experience is much more enjoyed.

In my clinic these are common conditions and factors that I see on a regular basis. Children enjoy taking the pleasant tasting medication and frequently remind their parents if they have forgotten. 

The Homeopathic research Institute  is supporting projects looking into where homeopathy could be of particular value with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children (ADHD).

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Children's Block Booking - £110

Initial Consultation Block of 3 appointments
1st appointment – 1 hour
Follow up – 45 minutes
Additional follow up consultation 30 minutes – £40 (includes remedies)

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