We all know that we are suppose to drink it and most people say, ‘I don’t drink enough’ , but why is this??

Most of us are fortunate enough to have water whenever we want it, we normally just have to get up and walk a couple of steps to the nearest tap or water machine and we probably don’t think for one minute what it would be like to walk miles and miles to get the thing that we so freely disregard.

So why do we need the clear stuff?

We are made of 70% water, every chemical reaction that takes place in our body, needs water (hydration). We are supposed to be fluid beings, constantly moving, not stuck, stagnated and toxic. So lets start there, water helps are body to Cleanse. It is the first step in healing and if your body has enough hydration it can removed the toxins from your system, if you are dehydrated your body wants to keep hold of the water in fear that you are not getting enough, so it doesn’t let go of toxins, fat and all other elements that should just be passing through.

We are a nation that has moved away from drinking water, replacing our fluids with caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and the dreaded energy drinks. People have got very confused about how much water they need, but 8 glasses is a good guideline (don’t ask how big a glass !!)

But as well as knowing how much water you need, you have to think about what you do within your lifestyle that dehydrates you, so do you do any of the below;-

  • Coffee – for every one cup, 5 glasses of water to rehydrate
  • Tea – for every one cup. 4 glasses of water to rehydrate
  • Stress – you breathe from your upper chest, not lower so you expel twice as much water, just from breathing
  • Air conditioning, sat in-front of a computer all day
  • Sugar, salt, saturated fat, alcohol … The list is endless

So all of a sudden those 8 glasses doesn’t seem that much, when your body is trying to replenish everything else. When you are making any changes in your diet, you want to do it gradually, so going from 2 glasses of water to 8-9 glasses is not advisable, you need to build it up slowly otherwise you find it goes in one end and straight out the other!

There are many places that you can obtain your daily water intake :

  • Raw foods
  • Food which absorb water such as brown rice and lentils
  • Drinking water 15 minutes before you eat; not to fill you up, but to have water in your stomach to help break down the food rather than taking it from elsewhere in the body

So start to be more concuss of how much water you are drinking. A good guide is to fill up a water bottle and make sure that you get through this on a daily basis, once your body starts to receive more water your thirst will start to increase; so just listen to your body and give it what it needs.

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