Congratulations, you have completed this amazing goal.

Running a marathon is an amazing feeling, but it takes a toll on both your muscles and your immune system if you do not take care of your body post-run. 
Many people can suffer from serious fatigue in the days following, and report cold and flu like symptoms, with recent studies showing that 7-10 days rest after a marathon is needed.  To help this process, we need to provide the body with the hydration & nutrients it needs to replenish and repair itself.   Focusing on eating healthy & nutrient rich foods. 

Also makes sure you 
– Soak in hot bath with Epsom Salts if possible for at least 15 minutes.
– Stretch out well after your race
– A deep tissue massage will also help the muscles

Our sports relief bundle can provide a range of much needed vitamins & minerals to help you through this recovery phase.  This bundle is specially designed to give your body what is needs at its recovery stage.  Adding the powders to meals, juices or smoothies is a quick and easy way to up your intake of nutrients. 

Hemp Protein Powder

A highly concentrated source of protein, delays fatigue during exercise and acts as the fuel that muscles burn for energy

Bee Pollen

Improves performance and provides a quicker recovery from exercise returning your heart rate to normal.


Its high protein content it is useful for building muscle and strength. Its effect on balancing the bodies blood sugar levels aiding recovery.


Promote energy while promoting adrenal functionality.  A natural mood enhancer, with respect to athletes’ needs Maca has been shown to improve stamina and reduce the onset of exercise-induced soreness.

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