Heart Immersion Day



When life is busy, and you have a lot to deal with, it can be difficult to focus

Everyone gets caught up in life and before you know it you are three months down the line and you haven’t done one single thing for yourself.  

You are not alone.  We start off with great ideals but we layer one experience after the other with rarely giving ourselves time to recover. 

Though heart immersion, you can sit with your emotions, open your heart to a new way of being and move through the blocks you are experiencing. 

Sometimes it can feel very lonely

On the inside we always feel that no one will understand and that their lives feel great.  All too often we keep our emotions to ourselves, without sharing because of fear of being too vulnerable.  Heart opening, through sound, energy and vibration allows the body to speak silently.  Just ‘feeling’ the emotions allows you to shift to a new place of being. 


To get Results, sometimes you need a little direction

We know we want changes to happen, so we can feel better, but we don’t always know how we are going to get to where we want to go and most importantly.  Most of our thoughts are about the mind and then we can start spinning.

Dropping down into the energy of the heart space allows you to feel balance, connected and grounded, making decisions and direction easier to understand.

The discovery of self if a life works, but we hope that at the end of the day you will have a better understanding of who you are and where you want to be. 

Heart Immersion Day



We rarely give ourselves enough time to allow emotions to pass through us, instead we just ‘get on with it’, putting greater stress on our systems.

During this day we discover our inner knowing by connecting and unblocking our heart centre.

What people say

WOW.  Though this was online I felt every meditation and energy shift


Just giving myself the time to really think about how I wanted to move forward in my life was a massive help. Lisa holds the space to help you go where you need too,


I have never been good at meditation, always just doing it because I thought I should, now I feel it and it is so different.  I actually look forward to meditating and one thing, I will never do without again. Thank you Lisa 


I did not realise how much knowing I already had in myself.   I can not tell you how much my life has shifted after this day.


I feel amazing and have surprised myself. It really helped being around other lovely people, in wanting to keep to the programme and get the results.  The days just flew bye


“With over 24 years working within in the Health & MIndset Industry, I strongly believe that our physical and emotional health & success is directly linked to how we live our lives, the limiting story we tell ourselves & the fuel we put in our body”.

I would say that my story to transformation has been more like a journey.

As a young adult healthy living and a positive mindset was not really high on my list of priorities, quite the opposite, but after a traumatic event that took place my understanding of physical & mental health was never quite the same. 

As I overcame each bump in the road (some much bigger than others) I have learnt to never give up and each time I doubted myself, I would be able to catch that thought and reframe it to a more empowering belief.

It has been my experience through trauma, heartache and overwhelm that we are generally much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and life difficulties bring us to a cross road in life.  We can take the route of a victim where bad things happen, or we can see our life as experiences which have enabled us to grow strong and overcome adversity. 

So, it has become my mission is to help as many people who feel at a loss and completely ‘overwhelmed’ by their current lives to get reconnected to themselves.

Life and time is a precious commodity, so let’s enjoy the moment and help you on a journey to ‘Living Better Health’.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the day held?

Claverton Down Community Hall, Claverton Down Road, Bath, BA2 6DT

What time does the day start?

Arrive for 9.30am to start at 10am.  We will finish around 4pm

What is I find it difficult to Meditate?

This really does not matter as we will not be meditating for long periods of time.  The day is spilt up into bite size chunks  

Will I feel emotional on the day?

Some people do and some do not.  This hall is a big space with outdoor garden, if you feel you need some alone time.  Others feel uplifted with the group energy and a deep sense on connection.

What do we do about food for the day?

We will break for lunch around 12.30/1.00pm.   I suggest that you bring your own food, keeping it light and healthy.  


Heart Immersion Workshop