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Advanced Health Screening

Advanced Health Screening is used as a tool to identify energetic disturbances within the body. It is extremely useful when patients have tried many other disciplines with little success, or when has cut out many different food groups within their eating plan and are still experiencing strong or ongoing symptoms.

Your symptoms are not always the area of the body that you need to be working with. Many factors within your body work in a refined harmony and when one system becomes sluggish this can produce symptoms in another area. For example, when the body starts to produce skin symptoms, this is your bodies way as working very effectively. Your system is trying to keep the toxins away from your vital organs and ‘dumping’ the toxins on the skin is the safest option at that time, it may not be what you want though. In this case, working with the skin is the wrong course of treatment. You need to work with the bodies detoxification systems, so toxins can leave the body through preferred methods.

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